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Golden Book

Congratulations to all pupils who were included in the Golden Book:


Infant Golden Book

week beginning 1st May


Class Pupils
Reception Blue

The Kind Dinosaurs & Jumping Kangaroos for their minibeasts paintings. Milisa, Clara, & Jessica

Reception Yellow

Nathaniel, Reshika, Harvey, Clara, Arisa & Anna.

Yr 1 Blue

All of Y1 Blue for working so well when Miss McLaughlin wasn’t in school.

Yr 1 Yellow All of Y1 Yellow for their fantastic assembly.
Yr 2 Blue Mark, Gaby, Wiktoria, Ajai, & Evan for achieving a pen licence. Cillian, Daniel, Eugene, Judicca, Julia, Melanie, Ruth, Ose, Michelle, Poppy & Ashly.
Yr 2 Yellow Megan, Kamil, Elsie Mae, Molly & Nicola. Benjamin, Lelia, Colette & Gabriel for improvement in their handwriting. Victoria, Zuzanna, John, Hubert, Chanduli, Rathushan & James great times table tests.


Junior Golden Book

week beginning 1st May


Class Pupils
Yr 3 Blue                 

Aaron, Alex F, Caris, Lexie, Joseph, Dylan, & Kaitlyn wonderful concentration. Sophie, Eoin, Aoife, & Aine for their positive attitude to learning, Frankie, Lance, Dinna.

Yr 3 Yellow

.Rosemond, Henry, Sadie, and Megan great attitude to learning.

Yr 4 Blue

Dylan, Rohith, Jude, & Natalia excellent answers in R.E

Yr 4 Yellow

Alexandra, Orla, Darren, Adriana, Summer, Ethan, Joshua, Patrick, Nikodem, Annie-May & Keira for fantastic projects on the Arctic.

Yr 5 Blue

Finn, Stanley, Jasmine, Grace, Elizabeth, Angelina, Natalia, Jogaile, Niall, & Michael.

Yr 5 Yellow

Jessica, Jayden J, Joshua, Keelan,Rohan, Shane, Cali-Rae, Nikola & Matylda.

Yr 6 Blue  
Yr 6 Yellow  
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