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Golden Book

Congratulations to all pupils who were included in the Golden Book:


Infant Golden Book

week beginning 22nd January


Class Pupils
Reception Blue

Emilia, Savannah and Alice for their superb work in maths. Amelia B, Djoulde and Rowlanda for always helping. Antonia and Ava for being kind friends.

Reception Yellow

Halle, Josie, Michael H and Rodrigo for trying hard with their counting. Leah, Antonia-Maria, Emily Patrik and Georgie.

Yr 1 Blue

All of Year 1 Blue for being so sensible in our capacity lesson using water.

Yr 1 Yellow Akshitha, Kimaya, Reshika and Phoebe.
Yr 2 Blue Caryn, Ethan, Abi, Lillie, Deivpra, Ossie, Delia, Alaa, Krish, Julia, Skye, Jessica, Bronte, Pavlos, Oviya and Sarah. 
Yr 2 Yellow Johnny, Esra, Joanna, Kimberley, Ashwin, Joseph, Kevin, Sara, Micayla and Emma.


Junior Golden Book

week beginning 22nd January


Class Pupils
Yr 3 Blue                 

Juliet for settling in so well to St Teresa’s. Molly, Judicca and Ella for always trying their best

Yr 3 Yellow

The whole of the class for a wonderful assembly.

Yr 4 Blue

All of 4 Blue for their high standard of work in History and Geography.

Yr 4 Yellow

Amy for being focused. Rico for excellent answers in R.E. Kate for growing confidence in maths.

Yr 5 Blue

Jessica, Ruby, Erin, Ishanvi, Gina and Annie-May

Yr 5 Yellow

Kayden, Alexandra, Aura, Euan, Ethan, Milan and Alice.

Yr 6 Blue Vanessa, Alfie, Kuba, Angelina, Makeda, Grace, Alex E and Sahara.
Yr 6 Yellow Daniel, Madi, Seamus, Theraz, Jayden, Joseph, Liam, Joshua, Cali-Rae and Keira,
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