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Golden Book

Congratulations to all pupils who were included in the Golden Book:


Infant Golden Book

week beginning 26th February


Class Pupils
Reception Blue

Kayden, Amelia B, Frankie and Antonia.

Reception Yellow

Anamaria, Helena, Julia, Joseph and Filip.

Yr 1 Blue Kai Tiger, Nathaniel, Roma, Dougie, Sophie, Jessica and Joey.
Yr 1 Yellow Kiegh and Clara.
Yr 2 Blue  All of Y2 for their amazing maths work.
Yr 2 Yellow Ella, Emilie and Brandon.


Junior Golden Book

week beginning 26th February


Class Pupils
Yr 3 Blue                  Eugene, Cillian, Julia, Ose, Juliet, Evan and Tye.
Yr 3 Yellow Antonia, John, Niyah, Hubert, Zuzanne, Maddie, Aaliyah, Colette and Nicola.
Yr 4 Blue All of Y4 Blue for their excellent behaviour while their teacher was absent.
Yr 4 Yellow

All of Miss Conlon’s maths group for fantastic understanding.

Yr 5 Blue

Jessica. And all the swimming squad.

Yr 5 Yellow

For the whole of the maths group on solving statistic problems.

Yr 6 Blue Jasmine, Elizabeth,  Chanuthmee, Natalia, Alyssa, Alex N, Jordan, Olivia, Stanley and Sahara.
Yr 6 Yellow Prisha, Theraz, Kimberley, Daniel K, Liam, Daisy and Kiera.