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School Prayers

Prayer is at the heart of the religious life of our school. A reverent and prayerful atmosphere is evoked through the use of artefacts such as candles, pictures and music.


• Children are encouraged to write their own prayers and compile books where prayers are selected for appropriate occasions, particularly at the beginning and end of the day.

• Some classes have class prayer books which contain selections of favourite prayers written by the children 

• Children throughout the school are also asked to write prayers for specific occasions.

• There is a prayer corner/focus area in each classroom and a school prayer focus area at the top of the Year 2/3 corridor.

• The traditional prayers of the church are taught as the children progress through the school, each year group has a list showing which prayers are taught in each year.


Prayer is an integral and important part of the school day and all classes pray together at the beginning and end of each day and before and after lunch. Children are given opportunities to pray aloud in their own words if they wish and to pray quietly. Prayer and Reflection are the most personal part of an act of worship. Collective worship and the participation in prayer can never be imposed but we stress the need for stillness, reflection and respect for others. Silent, written prayers, traditional prayers, school prayers and impromptu prayers may be used. A candle is lit and provides a focus for pupils’ thoughts; objects are also used such as pebbles, interesting material, a cross, flowers and statues. Reflection and thinking time are given with some direction by the leader in order to concentrate pupil’s response.

To see all of our School Prayers please click on the link below.