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Year 6



Welcome to Year 6! This is the final year of your primary school journey. We hope that it will be the happiest year for you. This will be a year in which, as the eldest, you will lead our school and become young adults who are ready for secondary school.


We have so much organised for you this year: we have school trips, we have sports competitions, we have our SATs in May and we then have our year 6 residential trip – how we will enjoy that after our efforts towards the SATs!


Inside the classroom, you will learn so many things which will prepare you for the future: you will learn to write in lots of different styles, you will become more confident with fractions, decimals and percentages and you will have so many amazing topics… including learning all about Mexico!


Being the eldest, this is also the year in which you may apply to lots of leadership roles. These include the head prefect roles, house captains, sport captains, faith ambassadors and more. You can do it!


We look forward to having an unforgettable year with you all. Enjoy!