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Reading in Year 2



We follow the implementation guidance from ‘Sounds Write’, ensuring National Curriculum requirements are covered through Sounds Write lessons. Developmentally appropriate vocabulary is also taught, to enhance pupils understand of subjects such as history, geography, science and maths. We will provide a book for your child that they can ‘decode’ – this means that when they see a word, they can recognise the letters and blend them together to read it. At school, we use the phrase ‘say the sounds and read the word’. Your child should read these books daily and a short comment should be written into the reading record. While reading, you should be asking your child questions about what they have read. As your child goes through Year 2, you should expect to see a wider variety of books coming home for your child to read to develop their confidence and fluency (recognising words without saying the sounds and reading the words). Once your child can read fluently, they will be allowed to select a book of their choice.


We use a range of books for children to experience, to develop their reading for pleasure. We encourage the children to experience a variety of texts. The children visit the school library once a week, learning how to use the resource and choosing a book of their choice to take home. We also read a variety of stories and share different books with the children during the school day. We have a selection of books, some based on the topics covered in lessons, and some just of the children’s choice, in our book areas in the classroom. Written reading comprehension activities are set to consolidate understanding, take place most weeks within English lessons.


Please watch this video created by Mrs Ellul, where she goes through the sounds of each letter of the alphabet: