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P.E. and Sports


PE & Sports


Intent : Our vision for PE & Sports


At St Teresa’s our vision is “to shape our children to become the leaders of tomorrow”. We believe that this can be achieved by providing a Physical Education Programme which will help our children to develop:


• The relevant knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to enhance their physical, social, intellectual and emotional well-being.

•  Intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

•  An appreciation that life is a precious gift from God.


PE at St Teresa’s, is an integral part of our curriculum that is inclusive and engages all pupils, in a supportive and challenging environment. We aspire for children to acquire, develop and refine their practical skills and techniques; to further their knowledge and understanding of PE concepts and principles and develop their overall competence, to enjoy, and excel in, a broad range of sports and physical activities. We aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities which enable all children to succeed; to enjoy their learning; to be resilient and consistently strive to give their best efforts at all times and achieve their potential and personal best.


Children participate in competitive sport and through this we teach children the rules and tactics. We show children how to cooperate and collaborate effectively as part of a team and compete appropriately against others, adhering to the principles of fairness, sportsmanship and respect values we hope to embed for future life. We provide opportunities for all children to be physically active and we teach children the importance of leading healthy, active lives and making informed and appropriate lifestyle choices. Swimming is an important life skill and we aspire for all children to leave primary school being able to swim at least 25 metres.



Implementation: How we teach PE


The curriculum is taught in line with The Early Years Framework and the National Curriculum objectives. We use the ‘Complete PE’ scheme to develop and embed these objectives. PE is a timetabled element of the curriculum (1 hour indoor and 1 hour outdoor) from EYFS to Year 6. Year 4 and 5 are an exception to this, as swimming is part of their PE curriculum. The children attend Hatch End Swimming Pool for half a year each. A curriculum map is available on Complete PE.  Each unit is broken down into:


•          Learning Objectives & Intentions

•          Key Questions

•          Content & Structure

•          Success Criteria


Staff use the knowledge organiser for the unit of work to develop knowledge and terminology.



Targeted children are given opportunities to develop their locomotion skills and have opportunities to practice skills and rules.


Development of the Whole Child

Each suggested sequence of learning has clear physical, cognitive, social and emotional (wellbeing) success outcomes to ensure the physical and personal development of all pupils.  This is celebrated in achievement assemblies.


Active 30:30/ OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning)/ Play Workers

All children participate in the daily mile and use our Daily Mile track in the junior playground. Children from Year 2 to Year 6 can use both the ‘Discovery playground’ and the junior playground at lunchtime. The children can play sports, build dens, play in the mud kitchen, dress up or even ride bicycles. Play workers, support physical activity and provide opportunities for children to develop their mental wellbeing.


PESP (PE Sports Premium)

St Teresa’s receive Sports Premium funding, £16,000 and an additional £10 per pupil, which is used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. The funding is used to help to develop 60 minutes of physical activity a day, raising the profile of PE across the school, developing staff CPD, broadening the range of sports and activities and to ensure increased participation in competitive sport.





Our PE curriculum is inclusive and progressive, allowing all children the opportunity to acquire and develop fundamental knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques and apply these to a wide variety of different sports and activities. PE lessons are fun, enjoyable and challenging and all children can achieve, to the best of their ability, in a supportive, safe and stimulating environment.

Our children are physically active, and this has a positive impact on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of regular exercise and activity for their physical and mental wellbeing. We aspire for all children to enjoy PE and develop a love of sport and physical activity, which becomes part of their future life outside of Primary School. Our sporting results from 2017 to present, have seen St Teresa’s win London Youth Games in Tennis, Basketball and Rugby as well as All Britain Competition in Gaelic Football. We strive to ensure that our all our children flourish and stay active both inside and outside of school. We are successful in ensuring that by the end of Year 6 all of our children will participate in an inclusive competition. We have high number of children participating in extracurricular activities. A number of our children sustain this with 7 local links in the community. At St Teresa’s we continue to apply for the School Games Mark which shows the development of PE at St Teresa’s throughout an academic year. In 2018/2019, 2021/2022 St Teresa’s achieved Gold award.



Curriculum strengths:


  • Celebrate the whole child, developing skills and celebrate this in achievement assembly
  • Raising achievement for all children through the scheme ‘Complete PE’
  •  Developing competence from EYFS to Year 6
  • All children have the opportunity to participate in inter, intra and extra-curricular sports.



Our community & families:


We have made local links with clubs such as  Northwood Gymnastics/ Watford  FC/ Barnet FC / Wealdstone FC / Middlesex CC. Children attend these competitions but also take part in half term or extracurricular clubs, that they offer.


We ensure that children have the opportunity to attend local and national games at discounted prices:


  • Basketball Play Offs at the O2
  • Barnet / Wealdstone Football Matches
  • National England Games at Wembley Stadium


We host our Sports Day at Harrow School, which is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our sporting achievements. Adults participate in a sprint race too!




We ensure that both boys and girls are given equal opportunities to participate in intra competitions. Children of all abilities (SEND) are encouraged to participate in a competition, which is suitable for their needs. We ensure that our curriculum is reflective of our children’s interests to provide a board and balanced curriculum. For example we teach Gaelic Football in KS2, as well as African Dance.



This letter explains the process we use when choosing pupils for competitions and events